Managing and protecting Intellectual Property (IP) has become increasingly complex for global companies, which often have huge IP portfolios and operations in multiple jurisdictions with varied IP laws and levels of enforcement.

Rapid technological advancements have enabled infringers to become more sophisticated, and the rise of intellectual property as a main driver of mergers and acquisitions has made developing strategies to protect these assets even more important. 

We advise clients on brand management, brand enforcement, patent litigation, patent prosecution, copyright, IP litigation, trade secrets, IP transactions, tax and IP advisory, and marketing, advertising and promotions.

Based on our long experience in the field, we approach IP management as a strategic issue and have developed the people, processes and technologies to serve as a one-stop shop for protecting the IP assets of global businesses. Our main focus on IP is on Trademark, Patents and Copyright.

Trade Marks

We work with companies to ensure that, as a minimum, their house trademarks are protected against and from counterfeiting, imitation and copying of brands.

Our trade mark search, formalities and prosecution teams manage trade mark portfolios at all stages:

  • Advice on all aspects of filing strategies such as the best way to protect each brand.
  • Initial trade mark searches and advice on the best clearance strategy
  • All aspects of filing trade mark applications through to registration including providing opinions on the registrability of trade marks
  • Official actions including responding to objections raised by Registrars and third parties
  • Recording changes in name and address of owners, assignments and licenses
  • Filing and effecting applications for renewal of trade marks.

Enforceability of patent rights in the world is one of the concerns and challenges that patentees face when looking to protect their inventions with numerous laws and practices in each country and/or region.

CRAVASON handles not only the drafting and analysis of patent and utility model specifications but also the filing, prosecution and renewal of applications those registrable and patentable in Tanzania.


Copyright laws exist throughout Africa and several countries are members of international treaties such as the Berne Convention. This means that international copyrights are protectable.

Our expertise covers a spectrum of areas including for example, technical design drawings, computer programmes, artistic works, literature, movies and records. 

We advise on all aspects of copyright and related commercial aspects through to the enforcement of those rights. We also advise on related commercial aspects such as licensing and how best to secure copyright rights.